With Eid right around the corner, it’s time for Haleem lovers in Hyderabad to unite! At this time, there are more than 6,000 stalls in Hyderabad, and by the time for Iftar, the air is heavy with the aroma of Haleem, which wafts out of the opened lids of the huge handis. Hyderabadi Haleem is famed in the culinary world for its delicate balance of meat and spices. During Ramzan, the Old City of Hyderabad, around Charminar, is decked with lights, there is shopping and merry-making, and at every corner, there is Haleem. Also fabled is the Irani Haleem, with is made only with wheat and meat, and uses real saffron as a garnish. So, this Ramzan, head to these best places for Haleem in Hyderabad and treat yourself to a bowl of pure indulgence!

1. Pista House

Where: Opposite Esra Hospital, Shalibanda Road, Charminar

Cost: Rs 500 for two

Pista House comes first on this list, because even if you’re not in Hyderabad and this next bit of info makes you crave for Hyderabadi Haleem, Pista House delivers its special, mouthwatering Haleem to your doorstep, with some essential help from Gati couriers. Yes! Pista House, in the heart of Old Hyderabad, wins with its simple setting and heavenly Haleem, which is served only during the Ramzaan. Pista House opens up many makeshift outlets all over the city, but its best to visit the original, At Charminar, where the sheer energy heightens the taste of their meaty Haleem, topped with fried onion and a dash of lemon. Vegetarians, don’t be disheartened, there’s a vegetarian version too!

2. Shadab

Where: High Court Road, Madina Circle

Cost for two: Rs 700

Shadab in Charminar is also one of the old favourites for Haleem. Spicier than the usual Hyderabadi Haleem, the specialty of Shadab’s Haleem is that its topped with Zabaan, or goat tongue, and a boiled egg. The result, as you can well imagine, takes this Haleem to a whole new level!

3. Shah Ghouse Café & Restaurant

Where: Opposite SA Imperial Gardens, Near RTA Office, Tolichowki

Cost for two: Rs 500

Shah Ghouse’s Haleem is one of the most famous in Hyderabad, and during Ramzaan, the aroma of this delicacy wafts in the streets, pulling in customers throughout the night. You can sit in the nondescript interiors of the restaurant, or have the meal in your car, the waiters gladly bring the bowlfuls of thick, oily, meaty Haleem to customers.

4. Cafe Bahar

Where: Old MLA Quarters, Hyderguda, Basheer Bagh

Cost for two: Rs 550

Cafe Bahar in Basheerbagh is choc-a-bloc with foodies all the time, but especially during Ramzan, when the crowds turn into a mad frenzy. The haleem is thick and meaty, and the garnishing of fresh mint adds that extra spark. Cafe Bahar’s delicious haleem is the ultimate favourite with the crowds; the plus is, during Ramzan, there are combos on offer.

5. Cafe 555

Where: Maheshwari Complex,Masab Tank

Cost for two: Rs 200

The Mutton Haleem at Cafe 555 has just the right balance of meat and spices, with a generous helping of real saffron, which gives the gravy its mild, smooth finish, with meat in every bite. During Ramzan, Cafe 555 comes up with newer innovations in their Special haleem versions, like haleem topped with zabaan, or mutton tongue, and even Chicken 65! You could experiment, or simply choose the original, legendary Mutton Haleem.

6. Hotel Rumaan

Where: Tolichowki

Cost for two: Rs 400

Hotel Rumaan, in the bylanes of Tolichowki, is the paradise for those who love their share of beef in the haleem. The heavy meat definitely enhances the taste of the gravy. Topped with nuts and lime juice, it is a delightful gem you must seek out and enjoy. The best part is, Hotel Rumaan is open well into the night, so here’s where you can satisfy your craving for the Beef Haleem. Among the many pluses, is its pocket-friendly prices.

Also go: Alhamdullilah, if you’re looking for more delicious Beef Haleem in Hyderabad.

7. Sarvi

Where: Opposite Care Hospital, Road 11, Banjara Hills

Cost for two: Rs 850

Sarvi is one of the few places in Hyderabad, where the authentic Irani haleem still rules the roost. Different from the traditional Hyderabadi haleem, the Irani haleem at Sarvi is made using only mutton and wheat. Hence, the taste and texture are grainier, enhanced by the use of freshly ground spices. The plates of hot haleem, garnished with fresh mint and a lemon wedge, can be licked clean in minutes! No wonder why it is so famous.

8. Hotel Niagara

Where: Chaderghat Road, Malakpet

Cost for two: Rs 550

Don’t feel like fighting the crowds for haleem? Step into Hotel Niagara, peaceful and serene, when compared to the chaos raging outside! Niagara is famous also because  it is one of the oldest haleem joints in the city, serving haleem throughout the year. The peace of digging into the delicious haleem here is unmatched.

9. Paradise Food Court

Where: Beside Shilpa Kalavedika, Opposite Cyber Tower, Hitech City

Cost for two: Rs 600

‘Paradise’, the name everyone associates with authentic Hyderabadi food, is one of the most popular places for Haleem before Eid. Paradise has branches all over the city, dishing out their trademark Haleem to endless customers! This is one place that gets the taste of Haleem spot on, and doesn’t disappoint.

10. Hotel Iqbal

Where: Noorkhan Bazaar, Malakpet

Cost for two: Rs 300

Hotel Iqbal is popular with those who swear by the real Irani Haleem, made with mutton, wheat and saffron. The taste is completely different from the regular Hyderabadi version of Haleem. Thankfully, the traditional Irani fare is still available here, and is one of the few remaining places in Hyderabad that still stick to the Irani roots. It’s a must-try!

11. Grand Hotel

Where: Opposite Big Bazaar, 4-1-395,Abids Road

Cost for two: Rs 550

Grand Hotel, started in 1946, is the oldest restaurant serving Haleem in Hyderabad. You may argue that its quality is not what it once used to be, it still is the oldest and one of the best. The Haleem is blander than the newer places, and there will be quite a few bones to pick, literally! But, there is no denying its iconic status, so a visit here is recommended!

12. Madina Hotel

Where:   Quba Colony, Pahadi Shareef Road, Airport Road, Barkas,Shamshabad

Cost for two: Rs 150

Madina Hotel deserves a place on this list, simply because it is the first restaurant that began selling Haleem commercially, more than 70 years ago. The special recipe of the Haleem is still intact, and is still sold during Ramzan. Having the Haleem here is like completing a pilgrimage to one of the most important sites of Hyderabad’s haleem legacy.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to list out the best places for Haleem in Hyderabad, because there are so many amazing places! Some more restaurants that deserve a special mention on this star-studded cast are Hotel Aadab Bawarchi Khana, a tiny eatery where the Haleem is ladled out into bowls and handed to you, no frills! Hotel Sohail in Malakpet, known for its amazing Malai Paya, also creates a divine Haleem that’s topped with dry fruits and caramelized onions. At Hyline, the ghee in the Haleem is evident in each spoon. And we bet there’s more…have you tried out any others? Let us know!

Like we say all the time, travelling will get better once you download our app! So, Happy Haleem, and don’t forget to ask #KitnaPadega with the amazing Tripigator tour package cost estimator!

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